The Hamptons

Winter Leers On The Levees Of October

When the morning darkens

And the heat disappears

You remember the winter

Leers on the levees of October

Chilly winds

Goose pimples

Cramp the freedom

That seemed endless promise

When the water was warm

And the swell magic

Hurricane Kyle meandering out there


Stronger one day

Weaker the next

But then the muscles

Quiver like dry leaves

The violinist sawing sad melodies

Across the breezy afternoon

Shivering in your sweatshirt

Thinking of hot tea

And cozy love

The tropics beginning to call

Snow flakes twinkling

On your dwindling path

Through constriction’s forest

  C  2002  Claude Mayers

written at Flying Point Beach  October 6 2002    8 A.M. 
to side 2 of “Lost In My Own Dream (Castles Made Of Sand)” cassette

About Claude: Poet, surfer, political observer, world traveller, health professional, music lifeguard stand

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