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Riding Up Great Hill Road

Riding up Great Hill Road
The slope steepening
Dropping the gears
There new asphalt
                          just laid
                                 I can feel its heat pass through me
                                                                     smell its freshness
                                 On  a  54  degree  day
Will  the  tires  sink
Into  it
The  tar  stick  to  my  rubber
And  metal  as  my  bicycle  wheels  turn
So  I  will  have  to  clean  my  machine
Once  I  get  home
All   tired
Twenty  five  miles  out
On  a  windy  spring  afternoon
The  road  smooth
                        soothing  me  with   its  heat
                                                                                     .  .  .  fading
                        as  I  climb
                        and  slalom
                                               finish  off  the  section
                                               reminding  me  of  New  Zealand
                                               its  continually  repaved  highways                   
                                               so  well done
More  hill  to  climb
The  brown  van  passing  me
Swinging  into  its  driveway
License  GR8HILRD  on  the  back
Still  more  hill  to  climb
Over  the  steepest  section  now
There  yet  more  incline  ahead
But  I  will  make  it
To  speed  down  the  other  side
Of  Great  Hill
At  25  miles  per  hour
Accomplishing  my  task
The  post  office  four  more  miles
Where  I  will  glide  to  a  stop
Standing   on  one  pedal
To  drop  my  bills  in  the  slot
And  pick  up  my  mail

                                                           © 2012  Claude  Mayers

About Claude Mayers: Oceanic Hamptons poet, world traveler, tackles practically any subject amidst his more than 3000 poems. From beaches to booming realty, from nuclear to transcendental, from sensual to abstractly mystical. Usually philosophic, he’s also a down to earth triathlete. Evidence his poem ‘Great Hill Bike Ride.’ here on : )

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