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Notes from the Intergalactica Travelling Companion::6

deborah moulton :: Hamptons Intergalactica
ambassador grizzlob

I feel I must update all those concerned for the safety of the Planet Morn and inform you that civil war has truly broken out. There is fighting in the countryside as well as the larger towns. Not only does this imperil that lovely planet itself, but it also threatens galactic stability.

I regret to relate that Gorbul/Muvin relations have not improved. Furthermore, in their attempt to take over the current government on the planet Morn, the Muvins are making a desperate attempt to improve their relations with Earth.

On a personal note, while I sympathize with the imminent destruction of Morn, I admit to feeling somewhat put upon at this moment in time. Ambassador Grizzlob is still hiding out in my basement. Overcome with fear for his beloved home world (and perhaps feeling a bit bored) his mushroom farming has gotten a bit out of hand. He has taken to cultivating a rare form of mushroom that requires vast quantities of fresh manure which the ambassador sends ME out to collect from stables in our area. I am still attempting to rent my house for the summer. However, now, not only do I have to deal with a fugitive Gorbul living in the cellar, but I also must deal with the odor of horses – or rather their dung – permeating through my house. I think word has spread throughout the real estate community that my lovely house is not only difficult to show, but will probably be impossible to rent. I have not had a single showing since I started accumulating manure in my basement.

My neighbors are not entirely pleased either. In fact, some of them are quite terrified. The band of Muvins I mentioned in an earlier entry is camping out in order to spy on my good friend, the ambassador. The Muvin leader, General Grunch, has been trying to curry favor with the neighborhood by throwing spears at the local deer population. Now, I cannot deny that the deer are totally out of hand this year. They are devouring everyone’s foundation plantings and even decimating privet and holly. However, the Muvin solution to the problem seems a bit extreme even to the most ardent deer-hater. After all, it is somewhat disconcerting to waken in the night to the sounds of battle cries and glimpse a band of four foot high reptilian creatures hurling spears across one’s lawn at a herd of fleeing Bambi’s. In fact, several of my neighbors with whom I USED to claim friendship are refusing to speak with me.

It seems they are having difficulty renting their houses as well.

Deborah Moulton – Official Scribe of Morn

In Deborah Moulton’s own words: When my children were very small, I would spin them stories about faraway places filled with imaginary characters. When my children were slightly bigger, I wrote several books. When my children got expensive (as children do), I stopped writing and entered the job market. After a long twenty years of teaching and desk jobs, I have returned to writing and have just put back into print my first book, The First Battle of Morn ( sci-fi) which was published in 1988 and am half way through the sequel. lifeguard stand

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