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I must regretfully but firmly announce that there are absolutely NO try-outs for “Dancing With the Gorbuls” being conducted in my basement. I regret any inconvenience or disappointment. Truthfully, I am not even sure how one could dance with a Gorbul; it being common knowledge that Gorbuls are only four feet tall, have four legs and long thick reptilian tails.

As the political situation on the planet Morn is still in chaos with bands of Muvin marauders wreaking havoc wherever they go, I am still in the position of harboring my dearest friend, Ambassador Grizzlob in my basement. I remain hopeful that an alternative sanctuary can be found. My house is still on the market for summer rental, and the brokers have been most painfully honest in their assessment that renting a house with a fugitive Gorbul in the basement, is going to be a tough sell.

As this is the ambassador’s first exposure to television, one can understand why Grizzlob has become most fascinated by infomercials, reality shows, and contests. Determined to profit from his stay in my basement (which is admirable), but without consulting me (which is inconsiderate), he decided that what the Hamptons truly need is a line-up of new TV shows, starting with, of course “Dancing with the Gorbuls”. Imagine my surprise, nay horror, when I woke up this morning to find a line of would-be contestants standing in my front yard. My neighbors were not entirely pleased either.

Of course, the broker who happened to drive up with potential renters, simply fled, which is sad, because they sounded like a lovely couple who would really only be out on weekends and didn’t need a pool as the husband was terrified of water.

However, with Restaurant Week upon us, I am hoping to pry the ambassador away from the TV and take him out to sample some of our local fare. He has several elegant Mumus which he can wear to disguise his four legs and tail as well as a series of designer straw hats and sunglasses. He really can be a truly charming dinner companion and is most enthusiastic about any dish that contains mushrooms.

Deborah Moulton – Official Scribe of Morn

In Deborah Moulton’s own words: When my children were very small, I would spin them stories about faraway places filled with imaginary characters. When my children were slightly bigger, I wrote several books. When my children got expensive (as children do), I stopped writing and entered the job market. After a long twenty years of teaching and desk jobs, I have returned to writing and have just put back into print my first book, The First Battle of Morn ( sci-fi) which was published in 1988 and am half way through the sequel. lifeguard stand

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