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New York Women’s Foundation’s 26th Annual Celebrating Women Breakfast!

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Rachel Lloyd – Founder & CEO, GEMS Celebrating Women Award
Tina Brown – Founder & Editor In Chief,The Newsweek Daily Beast Vision Award
Leymah Gbowee – Nobel Peace Laureate & Liberian Peace Activist Century Award

Other Guests Whose Presence Made a Special Impact!

Tina Brown, Founder & Editor In Chief, the Newsweek Daily Beast
Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Laureate & Liberian Peace Activist
Rachel Lloyd, Founder & CEO, GEMS (Girls Educational and Mentoring Services)
Ana Oliveira, President & CEO of The New York Women’s Foundation (NYWF)
Diana L. Taylor, NYWF Board of Directors Chair
Anne E. Delaney, NYWF Board of Directors Vice-Chair
Abigail E. Disney, NYWF Board of Directors Honorary Chair and Presenter
Jennifer Buffett, Past Honoree and Presenter
Betty Terrell-Cruz, NYWF Founder and Presenter
Yenny Quispe, Grantee & Participant Speaker
Ruth Moore, Grantee & Participant Speaker
Ginny Day, NYWF Alumna and Presenter
Yvonne Moore, NYWF Board of Directors Secretary and Presenter
Anita Channapati, NYWF Board of Directors and Breakfast Committee Co-Chair
Kwanza R. Butler, NYWF Board of Directors and Breakfast Committee Co-Chair
Jennifer Giacobbe, NYWF Board of Directors and Breakfast Committee Co-Chair
Hyatt Bass, NYWF Board of Directors
Fran Barrett, NYWF Board of Directors
Taina Bien-Aimé, NYWF Board of Directors
Lorraine Cortés-Vázquez, NYWF Board of Directors
Susan Coté, NYWF Board of Directors
Susan R. Cullman, NYWF Board of Directors
Lisa M. Holton, NYWF Board of Directors
Antoinette E. La Belle, NYWF Board of Directors
Janet Riccio, NYWF Board of Directors
Rossana Rosado, NYWF Board of Directors
Michele O. Penzer, NYWF Board of Directors
Yvonne Quinn, NYWF Board of Directors
Jean Shafiroff, NYWF Board of Directors
Karen Reynolds Sharkey, NYWF Board of Directors
Celeste Smith, NYWF Board of Directors
Regan Solmo, NYWF Board of Directors

The New York Women’s Foundation (NYWF) held its 26th Annual Celebrating Women Breakfast, honoring Rachel Lloyd, Founder and CEO of GEMS (Girls Educational & Mentoring Services), Tina Brown, Founder and Editor in Chief of The Newsweek Daily Beast Company, and Nobel Peace Laureate and Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee, on Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 7:30 AM at the New York Marriott Marquis. NYWF honored Rachel Lloyd with the Celebrating Women Award, which was given in recognition of her significant achievements that have made her a role model for women and girls. Tina Brown was presented with the Vision Award in recognition of her significant philanthropic contributions to women and children, and Leymah Gbowee was honored with the Century Award for her social activism which has had an extraordinary and lasting impact on the lives of many. The event’s co-chairs and Board Members were Anita Channapati, Kwanza R. Butler, and Jennifer Giacobbe.

The breakfast kicked off with a performance from Mariachi Flor de Toloache – New York City’s “only all-female mariachi band” – who roused the crowd before Diana Taylor, Chair of the NYWF Board of Directors, addressed the sold-out audience of some 2,200 attendees. Ms. Taylor was quick to thank the 90 partner organizations seated behind her onstage, before noting that the New York Women’s Foundation has grown to become one of the top three women’s funds in the world.

Jennifer Buffett, a past honoree and President of the NoVo Foundation, whose activism works to end the abuse and exploitation of women and girls, was next on stage to introduce Rachel Lloyd, the recipient of the Celebrating Women Award. Ms. Lloyd, who was instrumental in the passage of New York’s Safe Harbor Act?a law prohibiting the criminal persecution of minors who are victims of commercial sex trafficking. A former victim herself, Lloyd established GEMS, now the nation’s largest organization offering direct services to domestic victims of commercial sex trafficking. Following Ms. Lloyd was Tina Brown, the Founder & Editor In Chief of the Newsweek Daily Beast and Founder of the Women in the World Foundation, who received the Vision Award for her significant philanthropic contributions to women and children around the world.

Betty Terrell-Cruz, a NYWF Founder and Board Alumna, then introduced grantee Yenny Quispe, a young Peruvian-American with a truly inspiring backstory who at an early age became an activist for immigrants’ rights. The second grantee honored, Ruth Moore, a victim of military sexual assault, has fought to help other survivors of military sexual assault secure their veterans benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. President Barack Obama recently signed the Ruth Moore Act of 2013, pledging to continue improving health care for veterans and expandingopportunities for women in combat roles.

Ginny Day, a NYWF Founder and Board Alumna, and Yvonne Moore, NYWF Board of Directors Secretary, then took the stage to solicit donations from the audience. Ms. Moore announced that a group of current and past members of NYWF had pledged to match all donations up to $500,000.

The final honoree of the day was Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee. Ms. Gbowee was introduced by Abigail Disney, Honorary Chair of the NYWF Board of Directors. Ms. Disney recalled the history of their relationship and the close bond between the two. Leymah Gbowee began by thanking Ms. Disney, who helped produce the award winning documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell, saying “this probably never would have happened without you bringing my story to the world.” Ms. Gbowee was funny and engaging while recalling her past and what inspired her to become a peace activist, whose efforts helped end the Second Liberian Civil War. She ended the morning on a high note, dancing with Ana Oliveira to John Legend’s rendition of “Wake Up Everybody” and getting the audience to their feet dancing along.

The New York Women’s Foundation is a cross-cultural alliance of women, serving as a voice for women and a force for change. The Foundation identifies innovative organizations that are effecting change for women in the communities they serve. NYWF strategically funds organizations and programs that move women, girls and families toward long-term economic security through individual transformation and systemic change, mobilizing leaders and community partners as philanthropists and change agents. NYWF funds programs that promote economic security and justice, anti-violence and safety, health, and sexual rights and reproductive justice for women and girls in New York City.

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