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The Hamptons, Long Island NY - Welcome to - The Hamptons' luxury portal on the eastern tip of Long Island in New York and has been since September 1995! Designed by the original team at BH&O/Evantide Graphical, we want to thank all those who adapted to the brazen idea of the Internet in a graphical form when it was still an intangible concept as we were carving our place in history. We are pleased to have played such a major role early on by providing exclusive internet presence for each of the organizations on our site and for so many years. We were the only web presence for The Parrish Art Museum and Group for the South Fork for 11 years and we were the official web site for Guild Hall, the Hampton Classic Horse Show and Hamptons International Film Festival for several years as well. Consequently has been thoughtfully preserved and updated with quality content that represents a rich blend of locals with people from all over the world who come to our infamous resort best known as "The Hamptons" for its unique local flavor. A special thanks goes to ALL the people and volunteers who work at the Group for the East End, our local environmental organization, who have dedicated themselves to preserving the rural quality of our place in the country. They have protected all of our hamlets including Westhampton, Southampton, Water Mill, Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor, Wainscott, East Hampton, Amagansett AND that whole beautiful stretch of beach from Napeague to Montauk!!

The Hamptons party scene has become enormously popular!! So we made a few changes to the Events section and made it so you can easily find the big annual events that take place each year in The Hamptons and also added a few classics like where you can ALWAYS find something to do all year round and spur of the moment! Then of course there are the MEGA events for which we created a calendar - another favorite ; ) and then...of course went to those parties!! People & Parties is where you'll find the most prestigious happenings in The Hamptons and get the scoop about everything happening from Westhampton to Montauk. We have posted a list of the season's biggest parties for 2023 so you can plan your summer and not miss these worthy causes. We are always capturing Parties in The Hamptons so if you did miss some at least you'll be able to come back to check out what went on behind the privet hedge. We have actually added an off season social page now since it's become so tremendously popular so we're here for you all year long : ) We continue to support The Hampton Classic Horse Show, two Designer Showhouses and The Hamptons International Film Festival as we have been doing since 1995 when "The Hamptons".com was their sole presence on the web!! We have a beautiful presentation of some past polo matches - from the Mercedes-Benz Polo Challenge & Hamptons Cup at the Bridgehampton Polo Club with polo videos and the new schedule of upcoming polo matches. We have captured video inside the V.I.P. tent for you to preview and get a sense of what this coveted invitation-only party was all about during the polo tournament.

The Parrish Art Museum in Southampton and Guild Hall of East Hampton are two pillars of our community who have given us beautiful selections from their permanent collections as well as their current exhibits on a revolving basis. Many of the most notable artists in the world such as William Merritt Chase, Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Jane Frielicher, Alfonso Ossorio, Fairfield Porter, Larry Rivers and James Rosenquist each a part of the East End are presented on these pages.

In our Fine Art Gallery you'll find both local, up-and-coming, very gifted artists as well some of the most famous ones. We maintain an exclusive feature of color work by Herman LeRoy Emmet of True Blue Pictures. Emmet is best known for his photographic essay about a migrant farm family entitled Fruit Tramps, covered by Life magazine and part of the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art. Much of the art in our gallery is for sale. If you are interested in a piece, please use your mouse on any of the thumbnail images you will find on each page to get the full screen shot and you will find the prices as well.

The Group for The East End (formerly Group for the South Fork) is the only professionally staffed not-for-profit organization working full time on all environmental issues affecting not only The Hamptons but the entire South Fork and Shelter Island. The Group is supported entirely by the contributions of its members so please join this very worthy cause and help protect the east end of Long Island, better known as The Hamptons. You can find out all about the Group and also navigate to their new web site for upcoming newsletters that has done for over a decade to help promote earth friendly awareness on Long Island.

A very overlooked side of The Hamptons is of course its LOCAL Native American history which is rooted in the Shinnecock Indian Nation and the Montauk Indian Tribe. Both the Montauketts and Shinneock, "People of the Stony Shore", stem from the Algonquin heritage and culture and the Shinnecock remain one of the oldest, self-governing tribes in the country. We are featuring the artwork of David Bunn Martine, a local native of Southampton.

The move for real estate in The Hamptons continues to be as vigorous as ever. Lucrative opportunities have lured developers from all over the world to invest in hot real estate properties but thankfully the Group for the South Fork continues to be committed to protecting our environment from overdevelopment so this area retains its character and charm.

In our Miscellaneous section, you will find our page of Local Links for The Hamptons where you can find out EVERYTHING that's going on "About Town" by checking the local newspapers for weekly updates and classified sections on real estate, help wanted, yard sales, charity events, parties, nightlife, dining, accommodations and everything in between. While there, you might check out all the great PR our site has received over the past decade. You can even make your Hampton Jitney reservations!! We'll be constantly adding to this directory so be sure to check back. For simpler access to a list of restaurants & hotels or motels & inns around The Hamptons you can refer to our Dining Out in The Hamptons pages and Lodging & Accommodations in The Hamptons. For easy links to all of our local products made in The Hamptons, you might like to go to our Shopping in The Hamptons marketplace.

The Hamptons' local blog has been revamped a bit and we're adding new catgories as evolves! It was on pause for a while but we've had quite a lot of requests for & from locals to broaden our range. It is open to those who wish to contribute for some local recognition and beyond and it is a perfect platform for those just wanting the PR & multimedia reach that only "The Hamptons".com can give! We can give you seamless visibility throughout our site and on twitter so get in touch!

Bring home "The Hamptons" with our postcard perfect herbal blends of teas from The Hamptons Tea Company: Beachside Blend, Farmers Blend, Sagg Sunrise, Maidstone Green, Montauk Mint and Club Chai. We are all about an elegant taste of The Hamptons reflecting a unique blend of local flavor & art as illustrated so beautifully on our labels created by Jo-Ann Corretti, president of the Southampton Artists Association!!

We hope that you enjoy these special features eclipsed from the growing international social mecca better known as The Hamptons. We have made it a point to make "The Hamptons" .com as convenient as possible. If you have any comments or questions, please fill out our comments page. We are a revolving exhibit so please bookmark this spot to keep up with our special focus sections. From the very beginning, won several major Internet design awards such as David Siegel's High Five Award. See what people have been saying about us.

Follow the links above to the various displays at and please use your mouse on any of the thumbnail images on this site as they all will bring up full screen images. This entire website is copyrighted so you must request permission via email to owner{at} to for any reproductions of all content.

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