originally consisting of over 950 hand written HTML pages and over 1,250 pictures has now evolved well into thousands of pages!! BH&O would like to thank the design and content teams responsible for for their continuing efforts and creative vision.

If you enjoyed, please drop the team leaders some mail. Response so far has been overwhelming with all the awards and publicity the site has received. With your input, we will make even better in the years to come.

Concept & Content (and Design Assistant): Lizi Obolensky

With a strong feel for the style and the culture of the Hamptons, Lizi Obolensky has brought a truly awesome amount of information together creating the content of Just as soon as you think you have seen all there will be, Lizi opens up a whole new section on filled with the best pictures and the most interesting information. If that's not enough, she quietly changes the exhibits regularly as well as keeping all the newsletters and calendars up to date. BH&O is grateful to have Lizi on board as wouldn't be in existence without her!!

Design & Technology: Anders Brownworth

Heading up the design and architecture for along with Lizi's ideas was Anders Brownworth. With graphical work displayed on the Silicon Graphics Web server to site design and implementation for the Dow Jones Web server, Anders brought his award winning design abilities along with technical prowess to BH&O is grateful for Anders' work on because together Anders & Lizi conveyed's message with clarity, effectiveness and style. And certainly without Anders, this site would truly not be in existance either!!

It is this original team of two who together painted a blank canvas at a time when there was no real graphical standard or definition for the web. As early innovators they developed to platform BH&O, a full internet service company which merged with Eventide Graphical becoming Evantide Graphical. They sought out contracts as a high end web design company and were quickly picked up by the media. Winning their first major award from David Seigel, they were featured on his High Five Award site for excellence in web design and behind the scenes technology just six weeks after the site was posted and shortly thereafter, featured by Microsoft Network's new web site as their Best Web Pick beginning New Year's Day of 1996 for an entire week. The New York Times featured them twice, both in the Sunday Times and their online version, and America Online soon awarded them Blue Plate Special in their Web Diner. David Seigel, author of Creating Killer Web Sites, came back to feature along with Evantide Graphical as a boutique web design agency as an entire chapter in his subsequent book, Secrets of Successful Web Sites, with just fourteen other sites i.e. Lucent Technology, Virgin Records, Stolichnaya Vodka, Porsche and Women's Wire - only the best of the best of his winning sites were used for case histories of solid web design and partnerships. And because of this feature, NBC approached them for a redesign of their NewsChannel 4 web site in 1997 after having read Seigel's book featuring Janet Attard, the well known sysop at America Online and head of the Business Know-How Forum online at AOL also came back to include the story of their team in her widely promoted book, Business Know-How published in 2000.

Eventually the company morphed into "Evantide Graphical Ltd." under a new partner adding himself to the team as "President" making a powerful acquisition dissolving the original partership and moving the new team to Silicon Valley for the Gold Rush. Anders has been working on his own projects since 1998 so go visit his blog at to find out what "the information highway" really led to and how different the world has become since these early days of a more intimate web. Lizi continued on her own when Anders went "in a new direction" with Evantide Ltd in October of 1998.

Cecil C.Hoge, Sr.

The late Cecil C. Hoge, Sr., author of The Electronic Marketing Manual, as well as many other marketing related books and reports, demonstrated his firm grasp of marketing in the digital age. Cecil rode the cutting edge of technology and its application to the marketing field. Cecil taught courses on electronic marketing in New York University and The State University of New York at Stony Brook, spoke all over the world, on radio and television, and helped thousands make money through improved marketing methods. He was ahead of his time and we thank him for bringing us all together on the cusp of the "Information Age." It was Cecil who understood Anders' technology skills and pushed him in the direction of New Media and Cecil's T1 connection that got Anders & Lizi going!! At the age of 84 he was a huge measure of inspiration and a source of wisdom that beckoned them into a web of connectivity before the concept had really been defined. He saw its potential for advertising in the new age and they listened and followed his leadership branching off on that new path. His books are still available and can be ordered by contacting It was because of Cecil that Anders & Lizi built a special friendship that later became the partnership and springboard for and an internet service company called BH&O. Cecil was a wheel that moved the first wagon.

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