Recipes From Showhouse Designers

A number of designers who have participated in the Rogers Memorial Library's Showhouses over the past nine years have contributed their favorite recipes to the Library's Centennial Cookbook.

The cookbook, with more than 200 recipes, features such specialties as Gary Crain's Carbonnades de Boeuf, Vera Wang Becker's Blueberry Bread Pudding, Shrimp Tempura by Mrs. Hirotake Suzuki, Eves E. Molyneux's Lobster Creole Cuban Style (Enchilada de Langosta) and Swedish Meatballs by Pia Lindstrom.

The Centennial Cookbook was designed and printed by Rainbow Press of Southampton and was illustrated with photographs of Southampton by Diane Vahradian. It also features recipes from families who have lived in the community for generations as well as seasonal residents, chefs from area restaurants and a number of authors who call the South Fork home including Tome Wolfe, Susan Isaacs, Eric Lustbader and Ken Aluetta.

A volunteer project for the benefit of the Library's Building Fund, the cookbook is selling for $23.50. For information and to order a cookbook, call 631.287.1233 or fax 631.287.2615.