Gutter Punks

1997, 35mm, Color, 108 min.
World Premiere

Director: Brent Sims
Producer: Ted Baldwin
Executive Producer: Ted Baldwin
Cinematographers: Ted Baldwin, Brent Sims
Editor: Brent Sims, Ted Baldwin
Music: Bert Brand, Henry Turner, Jr.

Gutter Punks is an uncensored look into the dark and tragic lives of homeless teens living on the streets of New Orleans. With their pierced body parts, dyed hair, leather jackets, combat boots and spiked dog collars, they are looked on as freaks and regularly harassed by merchants and the local media, which dubbed them "gutter punks". In the months leading up to and following Mardi Gras, New Orleans police arrest homeless teens for walking in public, eating in public, breathing in public, feeding their pets in public, and "breathing with the intent to live." Twenty-three-year-old Brent Sims' caring, frequently poignant film, explores the world of the so-called "gutter punks" from their own point of view, focusing on ten kids who share stories of physical and sexual abuse at the hands of their parents, drug abuse, prostitution, an inability to cope with "normal" society, their anarchic political beliefs, and the daily grind of surviving on the streets.