Shinnecock People Are Forced to Recognize the
Power of the Montauk Sachem over Them

February 11, 1663

An agreement betweene the great Sunk squa Quashawam, and the Indians of Shinecock as folloueth, viz that ye said Indians from tyme to tyme, and at all tymes hereafter striclty observe this firm league never to bee broken on either side, and that it bee maintained by the authority of ye Long Island. And in order therevnto it is determined, ffirst. That Shenecock Indians as now doe ever hereafter owne Quashawam to bee their supreame, and pay her all honour according to the custome of the Indians. And that they maintain her in all prerogatives according to former customes, in relation to other Indians, to their power.

2 That Quashawam doe not Authorize any Indians of Mantacut to plunder the Shinecock Indians until the chiefe English namely the authority, bee first acquainted with the neglect of those her Indians of Shinecock above said, and not findeing relief to proceed as formerly. 3d That after the death of Quashawam, Awansamawge her unchles son have the sole power, and after his decease tree not haveing an heyre male to the son of Corchaug Sachem. And after his death to Ponoqt son of Sasagatacco whoe is the meantime to bee looked vpon as a Sachem. And for want of heyres male from him, to the children of Quashawam, and for want of ishue from them to ye nearest of blood to Wyandank then to bee found. 4th That Awansamaug bee placed at Shinecock this next summer, 1664, and there remain in subordination to Quashawam vntil tree bee one and twenty yeares of age, and then to bee the chief Sachem of Shinecock, and subordinate to the said Quashawam only in generall concernments. 5th That if Meantacutt Indians shall not pay tribute to Quashawam, true heyre of their master Wyandanch, that then the said Shenecock Indians and ye authority of the Long Island (or without ye said Authority if Quashawam desire it,) cause them ye said Meantacutt Indians to pay their obedience in every respect. And soe all other Indians on Long Island afore said. 6th That there bee from this time a vniversall forgetfulness in relation to any hostility on either side. 7th and lastly. That the Indians of Shinecock paying fourty pounds to the English of Southampton on Long Island aforesaid, and fully cleare Mr Ogden of the said debt, of fourty pounds, as premised that then they shall bee acquitted for ever of their part of the fire money. To every of these Articles Clauses and Agreements the sunk squa Quashawam, and fowre of ye Shenecock Indians, in the name and by the consent of the rest, as being impouered, before the English of Southampton that are here subscribed as witnesses.

Signed sealed and delivered 			The mark of QUASHAWAM
for the end premised, the 11 day 		Sunk Squa
of Feb. 1663 

John Howell ye mark of X QUAQUASHAUG Thomas Baker ye mark of X IASKHONSE James Herrick ye mark of X ACCABACO Joseph Rainer ye mark of X APPANCH