The South Fork of Long Island

The South Fork of Eastern Long Island is one of the most environmentally significant and agriculturally productive regions in the northeast. Comprised of the three towns of East Hampton, Southampton, and Shelter Island the South Fork and its surrounding environment supports the greatest concentration of rare and endangered species anywhere in New York State. The fertile soils, mild climate and bountiful coastal resources of this region have attracted people for thousands of years, from native Americans to the earliest colonies of English settlers.

Today, the renowned natural resources and rural character of the South Fork drive a ten billion dollar second-home and tourist-based economy, which attracts hundreds of thousands of individuals living and working in the metropolitan New York area. Unfortunately, over the last ten years, the South Fork has undergone a dramatic transformation as a result of intensive development pressure. The pace of development threatens to shift the delicate balance which exists between our rural community and the natural environment.

The Facts

Close to one-third of our land is protected, one-third of our land is developed, one-third of our land is up for grabs. In one year, nearly 1,000 new homes were approved for development and more than 2,000 acres of open space were lost. That's 3.3 million additional car trips annually!!

The Plan

Group for the South Fork is working to protect the East End's remaining 10,000 acres of open space and farmland before they're lost forever. They push local governments to move swiftly with open space acquisitions and press for a comprehensive management plan to protect our drinking water supply, preserve forest habitat and improve the health of our local bays and harbors.

Why They Need Your Support

Group for the South Fork does not accept any operating support from government sources, which could compromise their objectivity or vigilance in the fight for environmental protection. Thus, they must rely on the generous support of committed individuals like you to ensure the strength and success of their mission. For 30 years, Group for the South Fork has fought to protect eastern Long Island's environment through public advocacy, innovative planning, litigation and education.

Thank you for making their work possible.

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