Group for the South Fork, now also known as Group for the East End, is a volunteer-directed, professionally staffed, not-for-profit environmental advocacy organization established in 1972. The Group is dedicated to protecting the environment, rural character and quality of life across the South Fork and now also the North Fork and Shelter Island through public advocacy and public education. The Group is the only professionally-staffed, not-for-profit organization dedicated to using public advocacy to protect our region's diverse wetlands, bays and harbors, forests, coastlines, farmlands and historic community character.

The Group derives its support from nearly 3,000 individuals, families, foundations and local businesses. The Group relies on no government funding of any type to operate its programs, so we can serve as an objective watchdog of local and regional governmental decisions that ultimately determine the future protection of the local environment and the quality of life of everyone who enjoys the resources of the South Fork.

The Group's full-time staff of professional planners, ecologists and legal counsel bring more than 50 years of collective land use, education and public advocacy experience to the local community. The Group has an impressive record of convincing local governments to rethink major development proposals; overhaul local zoning codes; adopt new wetlands, open space and farmland preservation laws; and to invest their resources in projects that clean up local waters, conserve our beaches and protect wildlife habitats.

In response to community need, the Group has greatly expanded its public and classroom environmental education programs over the last five years. Each year, the Group reaches more than 1,000 local students through its school-based education programs, and sponsors a wide range of environmental action and outdoor education programs for the entire community. These programs have succeeded in providing the public with a heightened understanding of the natural world and the importance of public participation in accomplishing positive environmental change.

In response to the intensive pressure for development across the region, the Group continues to expand its work in the arena of community and environmental planning. Although the Group must remain vigilant in the environmental review of individual development projects, it has become clear that a strong and informed environmental voice must be part of the community planning process if long-term environmental protection is to be assured for the future. The Group has recently established a comprehensive Environmental Planning Campaign which targets specific environmental and community planning issues that must be addressed.

Letters and donations can be sent to:

Group for the East End
PO Box 1792
54895 Main Road
Southold, NY 11971

tel: 631.765.6450 :: fax: 631.765.6455