The Tale of Sweeney Todd

1997, 35mm, Color, 92 min.
World Premiere

Director: John Schiesinger
Producer: Ted Swanson
Executive Producers: Peter Shaw, Gary Dartnall, Robert Halmi, Jr.
Cinematographer: Martin Fuhrer, S.C.S.
Editor: Mark Day
Screenwriter: Peter Buckman
Music: Pichard Rodney Bennett
Principal Cast: Ben Kingsley, Joanna Lumley, Campbell Scott, Peter Woodthorpe

In John Schlesinger's marvelously realized version of the infamous tale of a Fleet Street barber with unusual "tastes," Ben Kingsley portrays the barber, Sweeney, who along with his mistress, Mrs Lovett (Joanna Lumley), murders wealthy victims and bakes them in tasty meat pies which they sell to an unwitting public at a popular pie shop. One of these unfortunate victims is Mannheim (Peter WooUthorpe), a prosperous gem merchant. When American insurance investigator, Ben Carlyle (Campbell Scott) comes to London in search of Mannheim, who owes his employers $50,000 worth of diamonds, the pieces of the puzzle come slowly to light. Hiding in a sack, Ben has himself delivered to Mrs. Lovett's shop, where his suspicions about her meat pies' secret recipe are confirmed in macabre detail. Finally, Ben confronts Sweeney, who reveals the events from his past that lead him to a life of murder and cannibalism.