Breathing Room

Directed by Jon Sherman

Jon Sherman's sweet, romantic first feature has a deceptively simple story. Kathy and David have been dating for some time. They've reached that point where Kathy, at least, feels they're no longer moving forward. Just why is it, she wonders, that David is able to say "I love you" in every language but English? David doesn't feel ready to make a commitment; he's applied for a job that would take him to Vietnam for a year. But Kathy and David care enough about each other to not just call it quits. Instead, they're going to take some breathing room, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and test the depth of their feelings.

Sherman and co-writer Tom Hughe's witty script genuinely keeps you guessing as to whether these two are really meant for each other. Full of sharp dialogue, sold performances, and the beautiful smoky tones of New York in winter, Breathing Room is an optimistic look at the fear of commitment.

1996, 35mm, Color, 90 minutes

Producer: Tim Perell
Co-Producer: Howard Bernstein
Cinematographer: Jim Denault
Editor: Sabine Hoffman
Screenwriter: Tom Hughes, Jon Sherman
Music: Pat Irwin
Cast: Dan Futterman, Susan Floyd, Nadia Dajani