Linux Netatalk-HOWTO
by Anders Brownworth
February 26, 2000
Quick Start

Download netatalk

You can download netatalk from it's original locations, or use my mirror site. (which may not be up to date) If you notice a bad link or something else I should be pointing to, please mail me at [] and let me know.

netatalk source

Adrian Sun's netatalk+asun:

Anders' Mirror of netatalk+asun and other stuff: (may not have the latest version)

RedHat netatalk+asun source RPM:

RedHat netatalk+asun compiled RPM:

U Michigan netatalk (classic netatalk):

netatalk pre-compiled

I make a pre-compiled version of netatalk which can be found in my mirror directory. There are two versions, each with all the default values, one with shadow password support and one without. Use one of these if you aren't able to get netatalk to compile.

Origional document: []