Linux Netatalk-HOWTO: Contacts
by Anders Brownworth
October 12, 1999
Quick Start

Linux Netatalk-HOWTO

There are several places to get more information about netatalk and netatalk on Linux specifically. Below are a few links to web pages and lists that should help out.

  • A moderated announcement and general netatalk discussion list is available by sending mail to [].

  • A Linux specific netatalk listserv is available at [] by sending a message with no subject and a body which reads SUBSCRIBE LINUX-ATALK (your full name). You can unsubscribe from this list by sending mail to the same place with a body which reads UNSUBSCRIBE LINUX-ATALK. Posts to this listserv should be sent to [].

  • The Research Unix Systems Group who wrote the original netatalk package can be reached at [].

  • Adrian Sun, who implemented the AppleshareIP stuff can be contacted at [].

  • I can be contacted at [].

Please observe common netiquette on the lists above. The netatalk package and all help you receive is done gratis.

Origional document: []