Eric Kraft is the author of a large (and growing) work of fiction called The Personal History, Adventures, Experiences & Observations of Peter Leroy, which Newsweek called "The literary equivalent of Fred Astaire dancing: great art that looks like fun." It consists, so far, of six novels:

Herb 'n' Lorna (Crown, 1988; Picador 1995)
"A classic." Andrei Codrescu, National Public Radio
Reservations Recommended (Crown, 1990; Picador 1995)
"Wonderfully readable . . . touching and intelligent." Village Voice
Little Follies (Crown, 1992; Picador 1995)
"A masterpiece of American humor." Los Angeles Times
Where Do You Stop? (Crown, 1993; Picador 1995)
"Luminously intelligent fun." Time
What a Piece of Work I Am (Crown, 1994; Picador 1995)
"Poignant, dizzying . . . a weird wonder." New York Times Book Review
At Home with the Glynns (Crown, 1995; Picador 1996)
"A daring tour de force." New York Times Book Review

Kraft grew up in Babylon, New York, graduated from Harvard College, and holds a master's degree in teaching from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He has taught school and written textbooks, and he was for a time part-owner and co-captain of a clam boat, which sank. He has been the recipient of a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, and he was for a time chairman of PEN New England. He is the father of two sons and lives with his wife, Madeline, in East Hampton, New York. On the World Wide Web, he can be found at Forever Babbingtonian Magazine.