Peter Rymwid

Peter Rymwid, born in Warsaw, Poland to an old Polish gentry family, was directed towards recognizing and appreciating the arts starting early in his life.

His teenage years were spent on touring the most prestigious art institutions in Europe, and studying international painting and sculpture. However, his true contact with art took place in Poland while analyzing paintings and sculptures of his cousin, a recognized Polish sculptor, and later when assisting his uncle also a sculptor in his studio in Germany.

Upon his arrival to the U.S., Peter extended his interest in art by studying computer science and graphics at N.J.I.T. in Newark, New Jersey and photography at The School of Visual Arts in New York. In 1986 as a consequence of his collaboration with an international group of architects and interior designers in New York, Peter began photographing interiors and architecture.

He photographs ancient or contemporary interiors with a goal to enhance its pictorial representation, by giving them life and dramatic value. He achieves such results by judicious use of light and colors and dynamic sense of spatial balance.

Peter's work can be seen in major magazines in U.S. and Europe like European Vogue or American Interior Design magazine. His clients include architects, interior designers, banks in the United States as well as overseas. Peter Rymwid is a member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Photographers.