Christopher C. Bickford

Southampton, New York
fax 516.283.5994

Offering Services in Archictecture

PLANNING: Infrastructure, Development, Environmental
ARCHITECTURE: Commercial, Institutional, Residential
INTERIOR DESIGN: Commercial, Institutional, Residential

"An architect is supposed to have a good eye. I believe an architect also needs a good ear, to listen to the client, to hear what the client wants, so that the architect can then transform what is heard into reality." C. C. Bickford

Basic Services

All projects begin with Programming, to develop a written outline with the client as to the scope of the project, a description of the requirements, and a budget.

The next step is to develop the program into a Preliminary Design in sketch form.

Once the client has reviewed and approved the preliminary design, more detailed Design Development Drawings are prepared, to begin to establish exact dimensions. The drawings become "hard line".

Upon completion of the Design Development, the next step is to develop Construction Documents, which are filed with authorities for necessary building permits.

The Bidding Process follows. We usually solicit competitive bids from three to five general contractors, including contractors suggested by the client, if so desired.

Contract Administration follows the selection of a general contractor. During this stage, the architect performs on-site observations to determine in general contractor compliance with all contract specifications, advises the client on questions that might arise, and approves payments to the contractor.

C. C. Bickford (AIA) is a NCARB certified registered architect with more than 27 years experience on commercial and residential projects.


AT&T (SONY) Building, New York NY
Fairmont Hotel, Denver CO
Jedda Bank (drawings in the Museum of Modern Art - NY)
Jedda Airport, Saudi Arabia
Planning for a 10- block downtown area (Minneapolis MN & Denver CO)
Hotel on the Greek Island of Hydra
Beer factory in Athens, Greece
Tourist villas on the Greek island of Rhodes
Embarcadaro and Itel buildings in San Francisco CA
Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove CA

His residential projects have been built in New York City, Greenwich CT, Dorset VT, Englewood NJ, Southampton and East Hampton NY, Palm Beach FL and San Francisco CA.