The Littlejohn Society

Did you know that a bequest from Rebecca Bolling Littlejohn in 1961 helped to establish one of the Museum's important collection areas; works by William Merritt Chase?

As part of her bequest, Mrs. Littlejohn made a gift to the Museum of a remarkable group of thirty-one paintings by Chase including the one most closely associated with the Parrish--The Bayberry Bush (ca. 1895) that represents Chase at the height of his powers and displays his fondness for the light and colors of eastern Long Island. The Bayberry Bush and other well-known paintings such as Still Life with Cockatoo (ca 1879), Prospect Park, Brooklyn (ca 1887) and The Blue Kimono (ca 1898) now form the core of the Museum's extensive Chase collection.

Today planned gifts in all forms, whether through a bequest or other estate planning options, provide the Museum with an essential source of income that helps The Parrish continue to make visible the extraordinary record of artists who have come to the East End since the turn of the century, and ensures the vitality and permanence of the collection, exhibitions and educational programming.

The Littlejohn Society has been formed so that we can recognize and honor during their lifetimes our friends who have thoughtfully provided for the Museum's future through bequests or other planned gifts. It is an honorary organization open to everyone who has provided for the Museum in his or her estate plans, regardless of amount.

Membership in The Littlejohn Society is a separate privilege and is distinct from Museum membership. Society members are an integral part of the Museum's history as well as its future and, as such, enjoy special benefits.

Bequests, gifts made by will, of cash or property are the most simple and popular form of planned giving. There are also other options that can be tailored to meet individual financial and estate planning needs. They can provide you and/or your beneficiaries with an annual income for life and reduce inheritance taxes.

If you have already provided for the Museum in your estate plan, please let us know so we may enroll you in this honorary society, or if you would like information about how a planned gift might benefit you and the Museum, please do not hesitate to call Carol McCaffrey at 631.283.2118, ext. 43.