The Circassian Story: "We'll Float Tonight or We'll Go to Hell!" cont'd.


RICHARD WILLIAMS, Captain of the Circassian, a Welshman from Liverpool, about forty years old, married, Ieaving two children
EVAN JOHNSON, Third Mate, from Liverpool, twenty. unmarried; just completed apprenticeship
THOMAS ORR, Carpenter's Mate, from Liverpool. twenty-five years old, married with no children
WILLIAM KEEFE, Boatswain, native of Finland. unmarried
HENRY FREEMAN, Sailmaker, from Philadelphia, thirty years old, married, leaving two children
JOHN GRANT, Cook, about forty-five years old, a Negro
FRANK WRIGHT, Apprentice, from Liverpool, eighteen years old
ANDREW NODDER, Apprentice, from Wavertree, England (near Liverpool), seventeen years old
WALTER COLBURN, Apprentice, from Liverpool, eighteen years old
JAMES SCOTT. Seaman, native of England, twenty-three years old; belonged to the Royal Navy Reserve
HORATIO JOHNSON, Steward, born in Liverpool, about forty-five years old, married with several children, a Negro
ANDREW LADAGO, Seaman, native of Italy, thirty years old
JOHN McDERMOTT, the stowaway, from Liverpool, nineteen years old


LEWIS WALKER, a Shinnecock, twenty-six, married, leaving three children
JOHN WALKER, a Shinnecock, fifty-one, married, leaving nine children, a former whaler
DAVID W. BUNN, a Shinnecock, forty-seven, married, leaving five children, a former whaler
J. FRANKLIN BUNN, a Shinnecock, thirty-nine, married with no children, a former whaler
RUSSELL BUNN, a Shinnecock, forty-nine, married, leaving four children, a former whaler
WILLIAM CUFFEE a Shinnecock, twenty-three, unmarried
WARREN N. COFFEE, a Shinnecock, thirty-three. married leaving three children, a Civil War veteran
GEORGE W. COFFEE, a Shinnecock, twenty-five, married, leaving one child
JAMES R. LEE, a Shinnecock, thirty-three, married with no children, a former whaler
OLIVER J. KELLIS, a Shinnecock, thirty-nine, married with no children, a former whaler
JAMES THURSTON, from Southampton, twenty-four, unmarried


JOHN LEWIS, foreman of the wreckers, about forty-five years old, married, with no living children
LUKE STILLMAN, engineer, in his thirties, married, leaving eight children. from Brooklyn
PHILIP KEARNS, engineer, in his thirties, from Staten Island
PATRICK DONOHUE, engineer, in his thirties, married with several children, from Stapleton, Staten Island