Vanishing Landscapes

by Kathryn Szoka
The Vanishing Landscapes Series is a photographic collection of East End portraits. The series is comprised of a number of essays (Back Roads, Heaven and Earth, Being Here, Basic Elements, Big Sky etc..) which have been created over the past decade. Each year a new essay is developed.

Vanishing Landscapes pays homage to our natural surroundings. It provides glimpses of a time when man merged harmoniously with the landscape: barns low on the horizon, tractors buried in a field. Forms which function as graphic equivalents of the elusive American spirit.

Despite suburbanization, pockets of these basic forms still exist. Vanishing Landscapes celebrates their visual beauty. It reveals their power to captivate the senses and touch the soul - stand in a field at twilight, walk an empty beach at dawn, watch thunderclouds roll across a blackening sky - feel the power of nature. These are the simple treasures upon our Vanishing Landscapes.