The David Findlay Galleries
2008 Press Release from David Findlay Galleries Inc. at 984 Madison Avenue in New York City

The David Findlay Galleries (established in 1870) are pleased to announce an exhibition of photographs by Barrie Fisher, the Vermont based artist. This is her first exhibition at the gallery. There will be a reception at the launch of the show and Ms. Fisher will be in attendance.

The 19 photographs in this show are highly representative of Ms. Fisher's large range of subject matter and her skill of artistic expression. She moves easily and gracefully from portraiture, action photography, seascape and architectural compositions, to name a few. A number of the pieces in the show were taken during numerous assignments as a photo-journalist in various places around he world and a as a photographer of the United States Ski Team and Ski Racing Magazine. Many of her photographs take the viewer to another dimension of existence by the subtle combination of images brought together from separate photos or through a change of focus which reveals a magical element in every day life. IN others, there is the evocation of an unspecific time in the past by the deliberate muting and limiting of the color palette In every photograph, Ms. Fisher delights in the strong and vibrant composition. With exuberance, she unleashes the power of light to elicit an almost infinite variety of moods and to take the viewer on a journey of the imagination.

Ms. Fisher knew that she would be a photographer from time to time, as a child of 11, she first looked through the lens of a KOWA camera and smelled the richly-scented leather of its case. She has not looked back and has continued to grow as, an ever-seeking student of her craft and a teacher of other photographs.