Renate Pfleiderer

Renate, as she is called both personally and professionally, was born in the mountainous Black Forest region in Germany, Her father was an amateur photographer, but in the days of Renate's childhood, particular attention was not always paid to the girls within a family who had special outside interests, as Renate did in her father's hobby.

As soon as she was old enough to set out on her own, she went to Paris. Later she successfully pled a Portrait Studio photographer to take her on as apprentice. She had already learned that the only way to achieve her dream of becoming a gainful photographer would require a mandatory three-year apprenticeship, compulsory of the government. Rigorous as it was, she did this very successfully, and continued for another six years as the first Assistant to a fashion photographer and three advertising studios.

Soon after she got her Master degree in Photography she established her own commercial Studio in Hamburg. This enabled her to practice many forms of photography in the highly competitive business of fashion, food and advertising. She also had one productive marriage, which resulted in a lovely son Patrick, now an adult who studies Architecture in Berlin.

Still, she did not feel she was exploring the artistic side of her craft as extensively as she needed. She wanted more freedom to experiment with new ways of image-making.

Renate came to America where she again made a very successful living at commercial photography. Upon visiting the east end of Long Island, she was impressed and amazed by the response to some of her more artistic works, she decided it was time to live amongst the natural beauty of the place and friendliness of a new culture.

She has now established a wonderful home/studio in the woods of Sag Harbor, and although still produces commercial photography, she is finally experiencing the success of her more artistic work. She has become one of the foremost artists in hand-colored Polaroid Image transfers, and regularly produces these images as works used in advertising for clients including MCM Leather goods and Florence Cromer Fashions.

Renate's high standards and generosity of spirit, combined with extraordinary technical knowledge, has endeared her to her fellow professionals to whom she graciously credits for their encouragement and help over the last three years out on the Island. Renate's work possesses a universal quality, whether it is commercial Ad or an imaginative personal portrait.

The portrait is one of Renate's favorite endeavors. Her goal is to make her subject happy and self-confident by revealing to themselves their truest self, inner beauty. Because of her unusual approach to photography, she continues as a successful commercial photographer, and has the necessary freedom to experiment with new and inventive forms of making Images come to life. She can be reached at 631.725.9865 for an appointment.