Dora Frost

PO Box 962 . Southampton . NY . 11969 or Studio . 768 Madison Avenue . NY NY 10065


Spanierman (2005) 			Easthampton, New York  
Palm Street Art Studios (1998-2004)	Palm Street West, Palm Beach 33480     
Newhouse Gallery (1999-2003)		New York, New York
Parsons School of Design		65 Fifth Avenue, New York
Boston Art Institute			700 Beacon Street, New York
University of California		Los Angeles, CA
Stanford University 			Palo Alto, CA


1994 Solidaire,  Southampton, NY
1994 Sundance, Bridgehampton, NY
1989 Shelter Island Public Library, Shelter Island,  NY
1990 T’Atelier, Tuxedo Park, NY
1991 Goodman Gallery, Southampton, NY
1993 Diva Gallery, Southampton, NY
1994 Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY
1988 Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY
1987 James Barker Hunt Gallery, Nantucket, RI and Kamikaze, 11 West 11 Street, NY
1986 Country Art Gallery, Brookville, NY and James Barker Hunt Gallery, Palm Beach, FL
1980 Tower Gallery, Southampton, NY
1979 Spook Hollow Farm Gallery, NJ

In the Collections of:

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Benson				Mr. John Bell
Mrs. Dixon Boardman					Mr. Townsend Brown
Mr. Michael Baldwin					Mrs. Nancy Biddle
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Choate				Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Caldwell				Mrs. Lisa Crawford
Mrs. Amory Carhart					Mr. and Mrs. William Carson
Mr. Charles Cochran					Mrs. Brownlee-Curry
Mr. Dolph Crammer					Mr. Helen Lee
Mrs. Morton Downey					Mr. and Mrs. Denis Coleman
Hon. and Mrs. Angier Biddle Duke			Mr. and Mrs. John Gay
Marchese and Marchesa Allesandro di Montezemolo		Mrs. Jose Ferrer		
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Coleman				Mr. Seton Shanley
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Goodrich				Mr. and Mrs. Yves Hentic	
Mr. and Mrs. Guy de Chazel				Mr. Tom Jones
Mr. and Mrs. David Gillespie				Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lisman
Mr. and Mrs. John Geary					Mrs. Robert Magowan
Mr. William Hamilton					Mrs. Francis Morrisey
Ms. Deborah Hearst					Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Kirkpatrick				Ms. Peggy Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Lambert				Mrs. Dorothy Price
Mr. and Mrs. David McConnaughy				Mrs. Charlotte Ford
Mr. William Norwich					Mr. Thomas Leddy
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Newhouse				Mrs. Elena Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Oran				Mrs. H. V. Sherrill
Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Remmell				Mr. John Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D'Guardiola				Mr. and Mrs. John Pyne
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Taubman				Mr. and Mrs. Edward Yawny 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Boyer Schoen			Mr. and Mrs. Rich