Barrie Fisher
Warren, Vermont
Barrie Fisher has been a photographer for 25 years. She specializes in: Fine Art, Weddings, Sports, Children, Portraits, Pets, Travel and Editorial. Barrie's work was recently shown at well renown David Findlay Galleries established in 1871 in New York City. Click here for the David Findlay Gallery press release on Barrie Fisher's impressive photography.

Education: School of Visual Arts, New York City

New England School of Art and Design, Boston

The Academy of Arts, San Francisco

The New England School of Photography, Boston

Publications: Boat International, Ski Racing International, Newsweek, Ski, Skiing, Powder Magazine and Reader's Digest to name a few. Clients: American Express, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Hotchkiss, Daum Crystal, Lange, Volkl and The U.S. Ski Team.

Barrie was brought up in the Berkshires in South Egremont, Massachusetts at Catamount ski area owned by her parents. It was there that she developed a love for skiing at a young age, a love that she would continue throughout her adulthood. It was also at this young age that Barrie developed her passion for photography. Yet as a result of an upbringing surrounded by many different types of people, found that she enjoyed the dynamics and action in photographing people. She was always observing people and looking at them as a photographic opportunity, automatically cropping things with her eye as if preparing to take a picture. "We all go thru this metamorphosis of life and it's nice to tell the story of that throughout the years." This journalistic style of photography was not only a focal point then, but remains to this day...and is her style. It is Barrie's method of telling the story thru a person's natural expression rather than a formal pose. To Barrie this type of photography has always told a more accurate tale of the people, moment or event.

Barrie pursued her interest in photography while studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, The Academy of Arts in San Francisco, and The New England School of photography in Boston. Although at one point Barrie considered graphic design as a career path over Photography, upon the completion of her studies she says she chose photography because "there was more physicality in photography...more thinking on your feet."

Barrie's work represents a photographer who doesn't like to stand still, but someone who prefers to learn about new places and people. She has worked with such companies as Boat International, Ski Racing International, American Express, Lange and Volkl. As well as working with such publications as Newsweek, Ski, Skiing and Powder Magazine, Reader's Digest and also, organizations like the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and The U.S. Ski Team. Barrie has years of experience photographing world-cup ski racing while traveling around the world, able to combine her passion for the sport and her passion for photography. When Barrie photographs she looks two steps ahead, this is the way she captures a certain photographic moment. When Barrie's shooting, she uses most of her senses. She's listening to what's going on around her and she's looking at the shot before it surfaces, seeing it in her mind first and then lifting the camera to her eye at the right moment to capture the photograph.

It is the life story, the history, that Barrie can tell thru photographs which inspires her most about her profession. She sees photography as a way to record life, which is always changing, and capturing that human evolution in a visual image rather than the written word. It seems to be through her photography that she lives and grows in her own life as well. "Through every photograph I take, I evolve," she says. For Barrie photography is a life long process of giving and receiving, she approaches all of her subjects with what she's learned in life and learns from those subjects as well.