Short Film Showcase

Allegories, Fables, Parables

Olivier Megaton's Bad Boy depicts an intense interrogation scene with a twist: You're in the hot seat! Perhaps you're a traveling salesman, like the one in Jonathan Ogilvie's cunningly constructed Despondent Divorcee, and you just told your wife you've had it, or maybe you covet something you can't obtain, like the underwater caretaker in Joachim Solum and Thomas Lien's macabre Depth Solitude. You may need to be punished, like fifteen-year-old Atlanta cheerleader Kitty Thomas, who "shoots a moon" out the back window of the school bus in Tom Hodges hilarious Shoot The Moon. Or, like seven-year-old Manuel, whose gun-play pantomime turns deadly in Nicholas Goodman's magic-realist Stigmata .44, you've already learned your lesson, the hard way. The choices are simple: take your revenge, like Mr. Seguin, on that imaginary wolf stealing your sheep, or simply adapt, like Joe, to the inevitable insult. For the end is nigh, and The Lion And The Lamb are at the crossroads...

Despondent Divorcee directed by Jonathan Ogilvie (Australia)
Depth Solitude directed by Joachim Solum and Thomas Lien (Norway)
Bad Boy directed by Olivier Megaton (US Premiere)
Joe directed by Sasha Wolf (United States)
The Lion and the Lamb directed by Luc Beauchamp (Canada)
Mr. Seguin's Revenge directed by Christian Philibert
Shoot the Moon directed by Tom Hodges (United States)
Stigmata .44 directed by Nicholas Goodman (World Premiere)