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It seemed to me like time to search around Sag Harbor as I’d heard talk about new galleries over there and travel from Southampton was possible again, it being fall and all.

The Greening Gallery has moved across the street and given up the movie theatre spot to Richard Demato’s new gallery, but you knew that already. What I didn’t know was that his wife is Harriet Sawyer whose work I saw earlier in the summer at Peter Marcel’s Hampton Road Gallery and swooned over. I swooned before I’d seen the show just from somewhere seeing the advertisement of a woman in a white terry cloth bathrobe standing next to a guy in a green tee shirt. You know that one? It beats me how anyone can bring newness to people canvases but boy she does. I accosted her at her opening being such a fan and was surprised at her unabashed niceness and modesty. These are strong paintings with a tough view point, and I hope to see much more in New York and here. Along with the wife, making my way around the Greening there was a show upstairs, which at first glance I thought might be Paton Miller’s. They were by a Connecticut painter named Robert Reynolds who also has a little David Hockney in his step. Luminous color and great up in the air perspective…apparently he’s a pilot and big traveler, very. Oh FUN.

Now to my other Sag Harbor find, Richard Cox, who was just setting up for his opening and was good enough to let me come in and see. The title of the show is “No Friends” which on reflection stands well by the side of these sculptural circles. Because of the distressed technique of the aluminum pieces some with holes, they seem to be hanging side by side in wait against some unknown adversary; hence the sense of lurking alienation. Let’s just say he gets a lot of emotion out of suspended disks. I would think they’d look wonderful, gracefully hung in a room that had that same spare aesthetic.

That was my trip. Gallery Merz was still under a renovation siege but had some nice cigar boxes, I think by Stephen Dinsmore, but don’t quote me on that.

– Df

Dora Frost is featured in Fine Art Gallery and has been working directly from nature on over size pastels of peonies. She is working on these in her studio in Manhattan. Simultaneously, in her studio on Long Island, she is working on a narrative installation revolving around Proust’s character, the Duchesse DeGuarmantes. Ms. Frost believes that for her, living inside of two or three completely different bodies of work allows for a sense freedom, eliminating the controlled idea of the limiting style identification/personality implicit in being identified with predominately one thing…beckoning in once again the thingness of the made object. To see how her art has evovled please have a look at Dora’s past exhibit which debuted with in 1995. lifeguard stand

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