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The Naptime Chef Challenge

Right off the bat this particular sweepstakes grabbed my attention…first of all because it had to do with cooking, secondly because it was something I wanted as “a product” and thirdly because it was a “p l e a s a n t” new step in social media for some good old viral networking opps! I love to cook, I have a twitter account that allows me to post a comment on a blog that is going full steam for global reach, I have a facebook profile that I don’t mind using my wall for promotion as long as I have something tangible I really & truly like at the end or at least a fun possibility for it…plus it’s a really tasteful approach to sweepstakes in social media. I am so tired of facebook fan page requests because they’ve become so stale…seriously, how many pages can you “like”? Where does it go from there – what if you like thousands of pages – doesn’t it become counter productive and so what if you like a page? I have stopped liking pages…except if it’s a BEST friend or something like this one because it caught my attention the right way and got me to not only like a fb page…but go through SIX out of SEVEN steps to get the end product…and ONLY A SLIM CHANCE AT IT!! Heck, I NEVER do that. So right there, I have to remark on a super marketing strategy. It was like shooting targets lol…little social ones ; ) Even if I don’t get that gosh darn beautiful roasting pan…I have at least picked up a perfect template for social strategy. Now isn’t THAT a perfect word for Veteran’s Day this lucky 11.11.11 – another reason to GO FOR IT be it challenges, contests, lottery combinations, special 11.11.11 wishes (seems to be trending ; )
…OR why-not-i-want-that-roasting-pan!!

Sooo here goes for my “declious pumpkin”>

heat oven to 375 degrees

1. go to nearest farm or field & pick a fresh pie pumpkin – clean & seed it (save seeds)
2. cut up into chunky size pieces
3. coat with saffron oil
4. roast in oven for half an hour til soft for a fork
(you can roast seeds seperately if you like but they only take less time till golden)
5. toss with some butter + 1/4 cup of pecans & 1/4 brown sugar (or maple syrup)
6. roast 10 minutes more together
7. sprinkle with roasted seeds & a handful of chopped, fresh tarragon
8. toss & decorate with star of anise

Let us know how you like it!

If you want to win a chance at a beautiful roasting pan too go to>
Thanksgiving Week: Holiday Planning & Roasting Pan Giveaway!

…but I’m makin’ it tough for you : ) On that note, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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